Complete logistic solutions

We provide a comprehensive professional logistic solution connecting the production stage and your end customer. All our complete IT solutions are at your disposal. We also carry out services such as commissioning, labelling, packaging and repackaging, equipping goods with declarations and relevant codes, as well as business documentation management. Our specialty is a cross-docking station for cross loading of domestic and international goods, which is also adapted for small trucks.



In the modern logistics centre in Komenda, we offer you the possibility of storing the goods in quality and excellently equipped spaces, which are also accessible by smaller trucks. The temperature regimes range between -20°C and 4°C. Our advantages include highly trained personnel, top-of-the-line equipment and the most advanced IT support. At any moment, we can access the information about the supply and the condition of your goods, and we monitor the whole warehousing process with a modern IT system.



We are fast and reliable partner that distributes across all of Europe and the Balkans. We are specialised in transportation of goods in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP and IFS standards that demand the cold system regime. Our advantage is a cross-docking station for cross loading of goods from the EU and the Balkans, which is also adapted for smaller trucks. We offer fast reloading of domestic and international goods for the optimization of delivery to less accessible purchasing points.



Our wealth of experience enabled us to develop a system, with which we offer our partners quality, professional and efficient logistic solutions.


Our new logistics centre in Komenda is one of the most progressive and technologically advanced centres in our country, which is complemented by a state-of-the-art truck fleet.


A long-time family tradition in the field of goods distribution, and the company Frigologo d.o.o. was established back in 2002.


Quick response and transportation of goods from point A to point B is essential for good business results, therefore we guarantee our partners a quick response time.


We use up to 10 times less energy per delivery unit in comparison to 15 years ago and at the same time recycle 95% of all processed material.


We provide complete traceability of each item, and at the same time exceed all applicable standards for key indicators during receipt and dispatch of goods.