We provide a comprehensive professional solution connecting the production stage and your end customer. Among the services we offer are the receipt and dispatch of goods as well as warehousing. All our complete IT solutions are at your disposal. We also carry out services such as commissioning, labelling, packaging and repackaging, equipping goods with declarations and relevant codes, as well as business documentation management. Our specialty is a cross-docking station for cross loading of domestic and international goods, which is also adapted for small trucks.

Our complete logistic solutions are at your disposal:

  • Distribution, storage and dispatch of goods within the cold chain food logistics.
  • Preparation of goods: labelling, declaring, repackaging, special packaging.
  • Traceability of goods: we can inform you at any time about the whereabouts of your goods.
  • We can manage and archive your documentation.
  • Support and consultation for the suppliers regarding the import and export documentation.
  • Support and consultation regarding the legislation and the operation of the Slovenian market.

Complete solution for your business operation.

IT support at every step.

Your carefree logistic solution is our job.